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CEDFA Teacher Feature


The CEDFA Teacher Feature highlights five outstanding fine arts educators from Texas schools. Through funding from the Texas Commission on the Arts, the CEDFA staff developed each feature into a multimedia web experience. The teachers, as a group, represent all four fine arts content areas and teach at both the elementary and secondary grade levels.

Each feature is designed around the framework of an interview, with questions uniting the content for each screen. The information in the Flash version is presented in text, graphic, audio, and video formats. Due to the memory intensive nature of the video files, CEDFA recommends that viewers of the Flash version have high-speed Internet connections for best results.

Users with lower-speed connections (dial-up, modem users) should consider either viewing the HTML Teacher Feature or downloading the Flash version prior to viewing in order to cache the file in their browsers.

Hardware and Software Requirements
for Viewing the Flash Version

  • Flash 6 Player
  • Sound card and speakers
  • Internet Explorer 5+ or Netscape Navigator 4.7+ browser
  • For optimal viewing, screen resolution settings at 1024 x 768
  • DSL or cable internet connection recommended

If you can see the animation below, you've got Flash Player 6!

If you can not see the animation above, you need to download and install
the free Macromedia Flash Player 6

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How to navigate and control the Teacher Feature
Explore other websites through the Visit Web Links, View TEKS or Back to CEDFA buttons. View captions for audio by clicking the sound icon. Control video clips by clicking video play and stop buttons. Mute music by clicking music button. Click again to resume play. Use the Explore picture menu or use the forward, backward, and pause buttons. Teacher Feature: How to use the Flash Interface and  Controls


Art Teacher: Sherry White
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The following links point to text-only versions of the teacher features:
Art Teacher: Sherry White | Dance Teacher: Liz Gallego | Music Teacher: Karen Bryan | Theatre Teachers: Betsy Cornwell and Kris Andrews




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