Sherry White
Art InstructorBauerschlag Elementary SchoolClear Creek Independent School District

How can art education help all students succeed?

"Art education presents a new way for students to communicate and solve problems. The visual image becomes the story the child has to tell. I have been fortunate to be able to have children with disabilities in my class. I learn so much from them. After consulting with one student's teacher to determine what his educational needs were, I implemented several adaptive devices using technology to work with him. I found that Cubism made him smile! He would come to my room and touch the Picasso prints. Using a software program, I created a Picasso overlay and a computer program that he could use in the art unit. Over time, he gained a familiarity with the program and my room. He expressed excitement ….. it was a wonderful thing to see."
—Sherry White


Image of student artwork depicting a fishbowl on a table.
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