Liz Gallego
Dance InstructorMoises Molina High SchoolDallas Independent School District

What has been your most rewarding experience as a dance teacher?

"Well I have participated in the lives of so many students. I have some incredibly talented performers and teachers that I've had the privilege of taking part in their lives. But for me, the journey that I have taken through the art has probably been the most rewarding."

"I have learned what it is that I teach. When I came into public schools and went back to the Hispanic barrio, I was able to get my own Mexican cultural heritage. And that has been an important journey that I had not planned to take. It has been a value to me. It has helped me understand my family's history. By learning this history, I saw how the different factors interplayed. Also I healed the relationship with my family and I gained my life's mission."

—Liz Gallego


Dance students performing.
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