Liz Gallego
Dance InstructorMoises Molina High SchoolDallas Independent School District

Why do you teach dance?

"My grandfather, Jose Amado Garza, encouraged me to dance. It was just fun. But he noticed that I had a natural dance ability and encouraged my parents to enroll me in dance classes. So, when I was four years old I began to build a skill.

During the years, I continued to study dance. When I was seven years old, I began to study with Alta Gracia Asios Garcia. She was beautiful and talented, and she was very well respected in our community. She was not the only teacher that I had, though. There were many other people who played important roles such as my art teachers and my dance teachers. Unlike math or science, where you have a teacher for one year, my art teachers were part of my life for three or four years. And many of them have continued to be mentors even today."

"I had many opportunities, during the past thirty years to make career choices. But I have chosen to remain a dance teacher. One, I am a dancer- I view the world through the eyes of an artist. And I feel that I make a vital contribution to the lives of my students and to the community in which I live."
—Liz Gallego


Dancers performing in Liz Gallego's class.
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