Betsy Cornwell and Kris Andrews
Theatre Instructors James Bowie High SchoolAustin Independent School District

How have the TEKS impacted your program?

"I think it is critical that theatre teacher across the state understand how important the TEKS are to the curriculum that they are teaching."

"The TEKS make our students more specialized. Once they've taken a beginning level class and learned all the objectives in that class, they have all these skills that they are able to put into practice when they get on the stage. For students who participate in our program and have not taken the lower level class, we almost have to reteach skills."
—Betsy Cornwell

"And, I think the TEKS have enhanced our program because kids recognize this. They recognize what makes Johnny special. 'Why does Johnny know how to do that?' He knows how to do that because he has training. Students see that training is vital and has nothing to do with a particular play or audition because all of that is taking place outside of class. No, Johnny's special because these techniques and this foundation were laid earlier. Students really find value in that. They notice that. And our enrollment in our Theatre I classes always goes up after a production. In just watching a rehearsal, students are watching and evaluating all the time, especially in a theatre class. They are constantly evaluating themselves and those around them. That's part of what we do."
—Kris Andrews


Image of theatre students performing
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