Betsy Cornwell and Kris Andrews
Theatre Instructors James Bowie High SchoolAustin Independent School District

How has technology impacted theatre education?

"One of the things that we utilize with our communication with our parents is e-mail addresses. When parents come to our open houses we'll get their e-mail address. Then, once we've put our kids in groups and they start to work, we'll walk around with a digital camera and just take pictures of them in action. And it's so neat to go to your computer, and it takes less than two minutes to put those in and e-mail them home and it's just really simple to say, 'Great things are happening at James Bowie High School. See what your kid is doing.'"
—Kris Andrews

"So often the only connection a parent has with a teacher is when little Johnny has done something wrong in class or there's a question about a grade. When you connect with a parent and show them how a child is engaged, it is like opening up a new world to them."
—Betsy Cornwell


Image of student performing in a dramatic costume.
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