Betsy Cornwell and Kris Andrews
Theatre Instructors James Bowie High SchoolAustin Independent School District

How does theatre education benefit students?

"Theatre training instills leadership skills, socialization, and the ability to work in an ensemble."

"Kris found an article recently in a magazine that we were looking at about CEOs of major corporations complaining about the fact that their high executives were really lacking in communication skills and teaching theatre is basic."
—Betsy Cornwell

"And those interpersonal relationships that you develop are the backbone of who we become and that article was so fascinating because it really narrowed in on the fact that people are leaving colleges and universities without the skills that we're sending them out of as a freshman or sophomore. You know, 15 or 16 years old, they're walking out of our classroom being successful. And we're doing that."
—Kris Andrews


Image of students performing a theatrical production.
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