Karen Bryan
Music InstructorF.M. Gilbert Elementary SchoolIrving Independent School District

How has music education changed since you began teaching?

"I've just finished my twenty-fifth year of teaching, and music education has changed tremendously because children have changed tremendously. When I first started teaching, my biggest challenge was to keep them quiet. And their biggest challenges were not to chew gum in class and to be quiet. Children come to me today with all kinds of stuff on their plates that, in my opinion, they have no business knowing about."

"My children that I see know entirely too much, they have seen entirely too much, they have to deal with entirely too much. So, the music education has to change to be able to relate to what they need. It is no longer as important as to what a quarter note looks like—it is how music can help you heal."

—Karen Bryan


Picture of music instructor Karen Bryan
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