Karen Bryan
Music InstructorF.M. Gilbert Elementary SchoolIrving Independent School District

How does music education enhance other areas of learning? (continued...)

"Sometimes when kids come to my classroom, there are other things going on in their lives. Sometimes I can just see it in their eyes that they are not ready for music. Then I help them leave that garbage that's weighing them down in the hallway. Sometimes we will literally stand there as if we have a backpack that contains the problems that we have already encountered during that day. We take the backpacks off our shoulders and put them down in the hallway. And I tell them these are your concerns, and they will be waiting here for you when music is over, if you want them."

"And so we come in and we leave those problems alone for just a few minutes and then when we come out I'll say, 'your concerns are still here, if you want them.' And sometimes they'll say, 'Mrs. Bryan, I'm not through. I need those.' And they'll pick them back up and walk off with them. And sometimes they'll say, 'No I don't need them anymore, you can have them.' It's really fun to see how they can put their world away for just a few minutes."
—Karen Bryan


Picture of music instructor Karen Bryan singing a passage from a book to her students.
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