Karen Bryan
Music InstructorF.M. Gilbert Elementary SchoolIrving Independent School District

Why do you teach music?

"I was called to teach. When I first started going to college, I thought I was supposed to be a special education teacher because I have a huge heart for children who are hurting emotionally. And then, the more I got into music, I realized that music touches everybody and all children have special needs. By teaching music, I am able to reach all of them."

"I look at it this way: As an elementary school teacher, it is my job to turn these kids on to music. Even if they don't know everything about music theory, I would like them to know when they leave me that music is something that they cannot live without. Then they will take music in middle school and high school, and they will get the theory that they need. But if I teach them all this theory and I don't teach them that music is something that they have to have, just like air to breathe, then it won't do them any good because they won't take music anymore. And if I don't do my job, then middle school and high school directors don't have a job."
—Karen Bryan

Picture of music instructor Karen Bryan singing with students.
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