Instructional Strategies


Texas fine arts teachers create environments that foster imagination and creative expression. Teachers who actively explore and develop their own ideas of what it means to be creative will model their beliefs and practices for students.

The following teaching strategies and suggestions are intended to help students develop emergent creativity. In the fine arts classroom:

  • Design environments with natural light, harmonious colors, and comfortable work areas.
  • Create climates that encourage risk taking and expressive freedom within the structure of the Fine Arts TEKS.
  • Incorporate a variety of instructional materials into projects. Try to use inexpensive, found, or recycled materials for projects.

Creative teaching and learning:

  • Provide concrete sources of inspiration.
  • Include students in class decision making and give them many opportunities to form and express their own ideas.
  • Allow time for students to explore, research, and complete in-depth projects. Encourage them to revisit earlier works and revise original ideas.
  • Promote long-term, open-ended projects that utilize collaborative modes of work and study. Encourage students to share opinions and understand others’ perspectives.