Instructional Strategies

Fine arts curricula aligned with the TEKS enable students to learn sequential course content and make applications using hands-on experiences. Through creative and critical thinking and artistic problem solving, students interpret and internalize meaning, interact with others, and produce original works. Classes alternate between teacher instruction and independent work, which enables students to grow and develop at their own rates. For some, progress is rapid; for others, progress is more deliberate. In an atmosphere that encourages experimentation and discovery, teachers use instructional strategies to address the whole group as well as to individualize lessons in order to meet the needs of each student.

When effectively aligned with strong curricula, the strategies presented in these pages help learners successfully demonstrate the Fine Arts TEKS. While this section contains useful ideas and plans for fine arts teachers, the information is neither prescriptive nor exhaustive. Teachers can best determine the most effective means of helping their students demonstrate the TEKS.