Connect the TEKS


Connect the TEKS has been developed especially for fine arts educators. When a specific strand and grade level of the Fine Arts Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) are selected, the tool will transport you to a website that can be used to develop an instructional sequence to teach the identified TEKS. Generally, Connect the TEKS takes you to these types of sites:

  • primary source material that students can interact with (e.g., online museum displays, recording, videotape of theatre performances);
  • websites designed for students to experience design or composition;
  • lesson plans for teacher use; and
  • combinations of the above.

The interface for the tool is similar to a remote control:

  • The top pane of the portion will load the text of the TEKS you select so that you can refer back to it at any time during your session.
  • Meanwhile, the bottom section will house a brief description of the site, suggestions for lesson planning, and questions that you may use to prompt student discussion.

A few points to remember when using Connect the TEKS:

  • Be aware that some of the websites require special plug-ins in order to operate properly. All of these plug-ins are free of charge and can be acquired by following links on the websites that employ them.
  • Some websites may take several minutes to download, so they may need to be cached prior to using the website in class.
  • Some websites might house areas where content is not age-appropriate for your students. Be sure to review the sites yourself before introducing them to students.
  • We have reviewed these sites very carefully, but The Internet is a medium in flux, and many sites undergo constant change. It is recommended that you explore all discussion board areas of sites prior to individual student use, as these areas are usually not monitored for language or content. Should a site post content that is offensive or should a link change and discontinue working, please e-mail our webmaster immediately who will take the necessary actions either to remove the link to the site or update the address.

Currently 127 links have been developed for Connect the TEKS, so a few “blanks” may still appear when using the tool. Links will be added periodically, so check back often. In the meantime, many of the links could be used for other grade levels or strands. Additionally, many of the websites contain links to other useful sites.

We at CEDFA hope you find this tool useful. Please e-mail us with any comments or questions you have regarding Connect the TEKS. Happy surfing!