This email is for those registered for the Summit XX Presummit Session - Engaging Art Apps: Using iPads to Increase Student Creativity. You can pick up your registration materials at 9:00 AM on Jun 13th with Pre-Summit Sessions starting at 10:00 AM in the Airport Hilton in Austin Texas.

Christine Grafe
Christine Grafe serves the Texas Art Education Association as Vice President Elect Youth Art Month, and she has served as Middle School/Junior High Chair. She has been a qualifier and juror for Region 6 VASE and site director for Region 6 Junior VASE. Christine earned her BFA in Art Education from Texas Tech University, taught 6-8 grade art in Brownfield Texas before moving to College Station ISD where she has taught 5-6 grade art for the past 27 years. She hopes that students will leave her classroom with a skill set which includes collaboration, divergent thinking, and a creative mindset which will prepare them for future success.
Thank you so much for signing up for my PreSummit session, Engaging Art Apps. We will spend the majority of the session exploring stop-motion animation using the iMotion and iMovie apps. Please plan to bring an iPad preloaded with these apps. I will be bringing handouts and various art materials for you to use in creating your animations, but feel free to bring any art supplies you are comfortable using. You may also want to begin thinking about a concept or story you would like to tell with your animation so that we can dive right in and start creating! If time permits, Iíd like to spend a little time talking about Artsonia, an online portfolio and gallery space available to art educators, which has truly transformed my program. In addition, I encourage you to share other engaging apps you use in your classroom with the rest of the group.

Please donít hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at I am so looking forward to meeting you and spending some creative time together!

Thank you again,

Christine Grafe



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