Topic Presenters Room
Unleashing Creativity: Contemporary Approaches in the Arts Samantha Melvin Live Oak
Beyond the scores – Communicating success in your classroom through reflexive assessment Christopher Hanson Lantana
Addressing Students’ Academic Identities through Fine Arts Gladys Keeton Red bud
Arts Education Advocacy: What Every Fine Arts Teacher Should Know Jenny Parry Violet Crown
Leaving Your Creative Mark with Gelli Plates Gretchen Bell Wine Cup
Thinking Outside the Box with Title Funds: Where are the real limits of Title IV, Part A? Joe Clark, Kelly Cline Bluebonnet
K-16 Design Thinking Peter Hyland, Shoshana McIntosh, Krissi Oden, Catherine Lopez Blackbirds
Engaging Art Apps: Using iPads to Increase Student Creativity Christine Grafe Vin Fiz
Promoting your Fine Arts Program to Put It on the Map Charles Aguillon Longhorn
Brand Building an Essential Advocacy Tool for all Fine Arts Programs >Laura Grundler Wildflower