Texas Fine Arts Summit XX Registration

Your registration request has been filed and you are about to lock in your place at the Texas Fine Arts Summit. To do that, you need simply to pay your registration fees by one of the two options below. Payment on line is being handled for CEDFA by one of the most secure and largest processors in the world of online transactions, Authorize Dot NET. All personal data from this point on will be on their secured servers and no data will be shared with or stored by CEDFA.

This registration for Summit XX is for 1 person The charges for this registration will be $3,125.00

If you are planning to use a school credit/debit card for payment of your Texas Fine Arts Summit Registration, please be sure to use the appropriate address associated with that card.

Online Payments
To continue to Authorize dot Net to pay online, please indicate that you have read and fully agree with the terms and conditions of payment to CEDFA for the Texas Fine Arts Summit XX.
I have read and agree with the policy statements concerning return policy:

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