Summit XVI – 2015

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This year’s Summit focuses squarely on implementation of the new Fine Arts TEKS, which go into effect in Fall 2015. The driving content for the event will involve deep analysis and side-by-side comparison of the changes in the new student standards, for which all educators must account in the coming year.

Participants at this year’s Summit will experience

  • hands-on, side-by-side deep analysis of the new Fine Arts TEKS for implementation
  • connections to the 21st Century Skills found within each of the new TEKS strands and new course offerings
  • opportunities to extend the TEKS to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) focus areas (using the revised CEDFA Content Connections)
  • strategies to build and promote successful fine arts programs in the context of HB 5 (using the revised Curriculum Frameworks)
  • interdisciplinary work aimed at fostering deeper connections across the content areas

This Summit will feature innovation, integration, and collaboration throughout all four sessions:

  • Session I will investigate the current state of the field and where teachers need to go in order to be ready for implementation. A key question for participants will be to consider how the 21st Century Skills currently map to their programs and how, and where, they will need to make changes in order to meet these new skills as defined in the TEKS.
  • Session II will investigate how an individual’s teaching practice might change as a result of the new TEKS (e.g., changes to planning, instructional delivery, assessment, environment, and outreach to parents and communities). The revised Curriculum Frameworks will guide these discussions.
  • Session III will explore the pathways opened by the new TEKS for extensions and interdisciplinary connections to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) lessons. The revised Content Connections tools will guide these explorations.
  • Session IV will encourage participants to develop a roadmap for students in their programs to thrive under the designations articulated in House Bill 5. Using the interdisciplinary STEAM-based lessons developed in Session III as a starting point, participants in Session IV will extend these lessons out to both English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) and Social Studies subject areas. The end result will be a fine arts lesson that effectively extends to four subject areas: Mathematics, Science, ELAR, and Social Studies. The revised CEDFA Content Connections will serve as a guide for extending the lessons into these other areas and participants will explore strategies for effective fine arts integrations. By extending the fine arts integrated activities to all areas of the school curriculum, students have more opportunities to transfer learning, build 21st Century Skills, and, in high school, attain the Arts and Humanities endorsements on their diplomas.

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