Fine Arts Research (Program Support)

Fine arts educators experience the long- and short-term benefits of a quality fine arts education. They see their students succeed in the arts, and in other areas. However, others may not immediately understand the connection between fine arts learning and student success. As a result, fine arts often must justify their programs by showing how students develop and demonstrate fine arts knowledge and skills AND how fine arts education impacts student learning in other content areas.

This section of the CEDFA website houses a database of studies that highlight the impact of a quality fine arts education on achievement in other academic areas. Neither CEDFA nor the Texas Education Agency makes any claims about the quality of the research presented here.

The information is divided by fine arts discipline. Within each Fine Arts Discipline page there will be areas within the environments that benefited from the fine arts curriculum. In several of the studies there are web addresses to supporting sites. You can cut-and-paste those into a browser window to go to the site.

For additional information on learning in the arts and student academic and social development, please visit the Arts Education Partnership’s Critical Links study.