Evaluating Fine Arts Programs

A quality fine arts program prepares all students to demonstrate the Fine Arts Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. The development and growth of such a program depends on a comprehensive process of defining and evaluating program characteristics. Fine arts teachers, supervisors, coordinators, principals, and other campus and district administrators should participate in the process of program evaluation. Information from this process can drive a plan for strengthening art programs.

This list contains some evaluation questions:

  • Are fine arts classes scheduled regularly and available to every student?
  • Are the TEKS the foundation of classroom activities, instruction, and student assessment? Describe how teachers use the TEKS in planning and implementing instruction.
  • Are fine arts curricula aligned with the TEKS at each grade and course level?
  • Are instructional materials, classroom activities, and teaching strategies aligned with the Fine Arts TEKS and local curriculum?
  • How are safety needs of students accommodated?
  • How does student assessment in the fine arts measure or demonstrate the student expectations?
  • Describe how current course offerings meet the needs and interests of students. How do they achieve the goals of the Fine Arts TEKS?
  • How does the school’s program structure and content retain students in fine arts programs?
  • How are tools of technology used to increase student learning?
  • How do physical classroom facilities support quality teaching and learning?