No-Refund Policy

Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts (CEDFA)

Adopted September, 2017

The Center for Educator Development is committed to providing the highest quality professional development for art, dance, music, and theatre teachers while keeping costs low. We strive to meet the needs of all customers. Please read the following policy carefully.

Conference Registration
(CEDFA Fine Arts Summit and other professional development events)

Once registration is paid by either an individual or school district, no refunds will be made.

If a registrant is not able to attend a conference, CEDFA will happily accept a substitute registrant. It is the responsibility of the original registrant to find the substitute.

The substitute may register for a different section of the conference as long as there is room in that section. For example, if the original registration was for the art section of the Fine Arts Summit, the new registrant may be placed in the theatre section as long as there are spaces available in the theatre section.

The substitute may be from the registrant’s school district or from another school district.

Please inform CEDFA of substitutions as soon as possible so that we can assist with any changes that need to be made.

If the substitution is made on or after the opening day of the conference, the substitute must provide a written letter explaining the substitution, signed by the original registrant, the substitute, and the principal(s) or fine arts administrator(s) of both the original registrant and the substitute.

Posters and other Merchandise

CEDFA does not accept returns or make refunds for merchandise sold at conferences.

Merchandise purchased online will be replaced only if there is obvious physical damage that happened en route. If merchandise purchased online arrives damaged, please contact CEDFA and provide a photo of the damage. Damaged merchandise will be replaced if returned within 10 days. No refunds will be made.