Who is CEDFA

When the Center for Educator Development was formed in 1998, the advisory group responsible for developing its mission recommended as a top goal the establishment of a statewide network to support fine arts teachers in implementing the Fine Arts TEKS. This network began as a cadre of educators and administrators trained by CEDFA to provide professional development workshops specifically targeted on TEKS implementation. This Fine Arts Training Cadre grew over the years and now boasts 120 members located in districts throughout the geographic regions of the state. Furthermore, CEDFA built upon the idea of a “statewide network” of support for fine arts educators by establishing relationships with fine arts contacts at each of the regional Educational Service Centers. Finally, CEDFA helps fine arts educators connect through the internet using this website.

This section houses online directories for both the CEDFA Fine Arts Training Cadre as well as the ESC Fine Arts Contacts. New features such as a discussion forum also allow fine arts teachers the ability to share directly with one another online. Contact information for CEDFA along with the Center’s Mission and Goals also reside within this section of the site.