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Easy Ways You Can Use
Google Tools in Your Classroom

Tips & Tricks for Implementing and Maximizing Google Tools

Hey Teachers, would you like to see how you can use Google tools in your classroom step-by-step?

Join us Saturday, November 5, for a FREE online event where our expert teacher trainers share all their tips and tricks for using Google tools one step at a time.

==> Discover Google tips and tricks at this 6-session event

Learn how to…

  • Stay up-to-date with all the new features and uses of Google Drive
  • Make collaboration easy for group projects with Google Presentations
  • Gather, track, and analyze student data with Google Spreadsheets
  • Create customizable Google Forms for formative assessment
  • Engage your students with fun activities using Chrome Apps
  • Build interactive lessons with Google Slides and Drawings

==> Come discover how to use these tools and more

What other teachers have said about these sessions…

  • “I appreciated the fact that she went step-by-step in her explanations. Also, loved her trouble shooting tips. You can tell she works with her students with the slides and sheets. Also, the ideas to make your daily instruction more interesting and varied.”     – Mary G
  • “During the Webinar, I was able to stop and go through my Google forms and create my own example to use for later. This will be an excellent source to collect data for Special Ed. teachers.”    – Anne Miller
  • “Excellent presentation with many new ideas. Meredith Martin provides step-by-step directions.”    – Storeys

==> Learn to use Google tools one step at a time…

If you would like to see exactly how you can use Google tools in your classroom then join us for this free online event.

See you there,

The SimpleK12 Team

P.S. Join us Saturday, November 5, and learn how you can use various Google tools in your classroom one step at a time.



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