CEDFA Surveys

Summit XVIII Music 3

This survey is currently ACTIVE
It was designed by CEDFA Administrator on 2016-11-15
to be administered beginning 2017-06-16
for Lisa Roebuck, David Jennison

As of Jul 25, 2017 11:55 am this survey has received 22 responses.
1: Rate the relevance to your classroom (graphic)
[goo-pie-chart data="Not so good=3, okay=6, good=7, great=4, fantastic=6"]
2: Did you learn something new from this presentation? (graphic)
[goo-pie-chart data="Yes=14, No=8"]
3: How do you think the new TEKS will help you teach Fine Arts (graphic)
[goo-pie-chart data="=1, =1, =13, =1, =1, =1"]
4: Explain your introduction to the Fine Arts (graphic)
[goo-pie-chart data="=1, =1, =6"]

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